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Minimum Eligibility Requirements:

  • Must be a high school graduate or have completed GED

Liberty University

About Liberty University

Founded in 1971, Liberty University is one of the world's leading Christian universities. It offers more than 600 unique programs and serves more than 100,000 students around the world through both residential and online programs. The university is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS-COC), and many of its programs are additionally accredited by top accrediting bodies, such as ABET, Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP), Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE), and the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

While you can earn a degree in such areas as business administration, criminal justice, education, psychology, and nursing, you'll also find other programs that provide less-traditional studies - such as aviation, pastoral counseling, music education, green and sustainable management, theology, and global studies. Doctorates, including Ph.D., Ed.D., D.B.A., and D.Min, degrees among others are awarded in areas including higher education administration, public policy, and ministry as well as business administration, criminal justice, and nursing.

Liberty is committed to helping you achieve your goals and complete your degree as quickly as possible, and their admissions counselors are ready to assist you with this process. What can you expect from them?

  • 100% online programs at associate, bachelor's, master's, and doctoral levels.
  • Opportunities to get the most out of your hard work and maximize the credit you previously earned:
    • Transfer up to 75% into an undergraduate degree program.
    • Transfer up to 50% into a master's degree program.
  • Online classes taught in a convenient 8-week format with no set login times

Student Testimonials

''Liberty's helpfulness came in handy when I was trying to get through the admissions and registration process while stationed in Turkey. Once I started, I found the professors to be very understanding of my military requirements and worked with me in order to adjust the class schedule around world events requiring my attention.''

- Christopher Lifto, Liberty Graduate

''I want to thank Liberty for offering online schooling. I have always struggled with paying attention in school, and having the ability to work on my courses through an online environment has really helped me achieve my goals. I am able to focus better in a quiet setting, versus in a large college campus classroom.''

- Shannon Balduini, Liberty Graduate

Why Liberty University?

  • Christian Focus: The programs are designed to equip you to go into the world with the professional excellence and Christian ethics to make a long-term impact in your career and community.
  • Program Variety: Liberty students can choose from more than 400 online degree programs offering a flexible learning experience.
  • Unique Programs: Disaster management, fire administration, ethnomusicology, and biopsychology are just a few of the non-traditional programs to choose from if you're seeking a career outside of the more traditional boundaries of business, health, or education.
  • Academic Support Services: From mentoring to tutoring, Liberty University provides you with the support you might need to improve your study or writing skills, pursue career development opportunities, or get technical support if you're studying online.
  • Financial Support: Around 88% of Liberty students get financial aid assistance; the university is ready to help you navigate the financial aid process and apply for federal loans, scholarships, and grants. Generous discounts are also available to first responders and members of the military community, including service members, Dept. of Defense personnel, veterans, and military spouses.

Minimum Eligibility Requirements

Applicants to most Liberty University programs must have graduated from high school or earned a GED.

Liberty University offers the following degree programs:

  1. AA Accounting
    • AA: Accounting
  2. AA Apologetics
    • AA: Apologetics
  3. AA Biblical Studies
    • AA: Biblical Studies
  4. AA Business
    • AA: Business
  5. AA Creative Writing
    • AA: Creative Writing
  6. AA Criminal Justice
    • AA: Criminal Justice
  7. AA Education
    • AA: Early Childhood Education
    • AA: Education (Non-Licensure)
  8. AA General Studies
    • AA: Interdisciplinary Studies
  9. AA History
    • AA: History
  10. AA Information Systems
    • AA: Information Systems
  11. AA Military Studies
    • AA: Military History
  12. AA Paralegal Studies
    • AA: Paralegal Studies
  13. AA Psychology
    • AA: Psychology
    • AA: Psychology: Christian Counseling
  14. AA Religion
    • AA: Religion
  15. AAS Medical Office Assistant
    • AAS: Medical Office Assistant
  16. AS Mathematics
    • AS: STEM Mathematics
  17. BED Education
    • BED: Education Licensure: Elementary Education
    • BED: Education Licensure: Middle Education - English
    • BED: Education Licensure: Middle Education - Social Sciences
    • BED: Education Licensure: Special Education
  18. BFA Graphic Design
    • BFA: Graphic Design
  19. BS Accounting
    • BS: Accounting
  20. BS Aeronautics
    • BS Aviation: Management
    • BS: Aviation (Professional Pilot)
    • BS: Aviation Maintenance Management
  21. BS Christian Leadership
    • BS: Christian Leadership and Management: Business Management
  22. BS Commercial Music
    • BS: Commercial Music
  23. BS Communication
    • BS: Strategic Communication
    • BS: Strategic Communication: Social Media Management
  24. BS Computer Science
    • BS: Computer Science Cyber-Security
  25. BS Criminal Justice
    • BS: Criminal Justice
    • BS: Criminal Justice: Business Administration and Management
    • BS: Criminal Justice: Crime Scene Investigation
    • BS: Criminal Justice: Criminal Psychology
    • BS: Criminal Justice: Homeland Security
    • BS: Criminal Justice: Juvenile Justice
    • BS: Criminal Justice: Public Administration
    • BS: Criminal Justice: Strategic Intelligence
  26. BS Education
    • BS: Education Non-Licensure: Early Childhood Education in Interdisciplinary Studies
    • BS: Education Non-Licensure: Elementary Education in Interdisciplinary Studies
    • BS: Education Non-Licensure: Special Education in Interdisciplinary Studies
  27. BS Engineering
    • BS: Civil Engineering
  28. BS English and Writing
    • BS: English and Writing: Creative Writing
    • BS: English and Writing: General
    • BS: English and Writing: Journalism
  29. BS Fire Administration
    • BS: Fire Administration
  30. BS General Studies
    • BS: Interdisciplinary Studies
  31. BS Government
    • BS: Government: National Security
    • BS: Government: Politics and Policy
    • BS: Government: Public Administration
    • BS: Public Administration
  32. BS Healthcare Administration
    • BS: Healthcare Administration
  33. BS History
    • BS: History
  34. BS Informatics
    • BS: Informatics: Healthcare Informatics
  35. BS Information Systems
    • BS: Information Systems
    • BS: Information Systems: Accounting Information Systems
    • BS: Information Systems: Data Networking
    • BS: Information Systems: Database
    • BS: Information Systems: Information Assurance
  36. BS Information Technology
    • BS: Information Technology: Application and Database Development
    • BS: Information Technology: Data Networking and Security
    • BS: Information Technology: Gaming Design
    • BS: Information Technology: Web and Mobile Programming
  37. BS Law and Policy
    • BS: Law and Policy: Pre-Law
    • BS: Law and Policy: Public Policy
  38. BS Military Studies
    • BS: Military Studies: History
    • BS: Military Studies: International Security
    • BS: Military Studies: Professional
    • BS: Military Studies: Resiliency
  39. BS Paralegal Studies
    • BS: Paralegal Studies
  40. BS Political Science
    • BS: Political Science
  41. BS Psychology
    • BS: Psychology
    • BS: Psychology: Addiction and Recovery
    • BS: Psychology: Criminal Psychology
    • BS: Psychology: Crisis Counseling
    • BS: Psychology: Developmental Psychology
    • BS: Psychology: Life Coaching
    • BS: Psychology: Military Resilience
    • Bachelor - Psychology: Christian Counseling
  42. BS Religion
    • BS: Biblical and Education Studies: Biblical Theological Studies
    • BS: Religion
    • BS: Religion: Apologetics
    • BS: Religion: Biblical and Theological Studies
    • BS: Religion: Christian Counseling
    • BS: Religion: Christian Leadership
    • BS: Religion: Christian Ministries
    • BS: Religion: Evangelism
    • BS: Religion: Global Studies
    • BS: Religion: NextGen (Next Generation Ministries)
  43. BS Social Work
    • BS: Social Work
  44. BS Sports Management
    • BS: Sport Management: Conference and Event Management
    • BS: Sport Management: General
    • BS: Sport Management: Sport Administration
    • BS: Sport Management: Sport Communication and Public Relations
    • BS: Sport Management: Sport Outreach
    • BS: Sport Management: Sport Venue Management
  45. BS Teaching English
    • BS: Education Non-Licensure: Teaching English as a Second Language
  46. BS Worship Studies
    • BS: Worship Studies
  47. Doctor of Business Administration
    • DBA: Finance
    • DBA: Healthcare Management
    • DBA: Human Resources
    • DBA: Information Systems
    • DBA: Leadership
    • DBA: Marketing
    • DBA: Non-Profit Leadership & Management
    • DBA: Project Management
    • DBA: Real Estate Development
    • DBA: Strategic Management
    • DBA: Strategic Media & Digital Content
    • DBA: Supply Chain Management & Logistics
    • Doctor - Business Administration: International Business
  48. Doctor of Ministry
    • DMN: Biblical Studies
    • DMN: Chaplaincy
    • DMN: Church Revitalization
    • DMN: Discipleship
    • DMN: Doctor of Ministry: Next Generation Ministry
    • DMN: Doctor of Ministry: Spiritual Formation
    • DMN: Doctor of Ministry: Urban Ministry
    • DMN: Evangelism and Church Planting
    • DMN: Expository Preaching and Teaching
    • DMN: Ministry Leadership
    • DMN: Pastoral Counseling
    • DMN: Theology and Apologetics
    • DMN: Worship
  49. Doctor of Music Education
    • DME: Doctor of Music Education
  50. Doctor of Public Administration
    • DPA: Public Administration
  51. Doctor of Strategic Leadership
    • DSL: Strategic Leadership
  52. Doctor of Worship Studies
    • DWS: Worship Studies
    • DWS: Worship Studies: Ethnomusicology
    • DWS: Worship Studies: Leadership
    • DWS: Worship Studies: Pastoral Counseling
  53. EDD Christian Leadership
    • EDD: Christian Leadership: Ministry Leadership
  54. EDD Counseling
    • EDD: Community Care & Counseling: Marriage and Family
    • EDD: Community Care & Counseling: Pastoral Counseling
    • EDD: Community Care & Counseling: Traumatology
  55. EDD Education
    • EDD: Curriculum and Instruction
    • EDD: Curriculum and Instruction/Elementary Education
    • EDD: Curriculum and Instruction/Middle Grades Education
    • EDD: Curriculum and Instruction/Secondary Education
    • EDD: Curriculum and Instruction/Special Education
    • EDD: Educational Leadership
  56. EDS Education
    • EDS: Curriculum and Instruction
    • EDS: Curriculum and Instruction/Elementary Education
    • EDS: Curriculum and Instruction/Middle Grades Education
    • EDS: Curriculum and Instruction/Secondary Education
    • EDS: Curriculum and Instruction/Special Education
    • EDS: Educational Leadership
    • EDS: Higher Education Administration
  57. Juris Master
    • JM: American Legal Studies
    • JM: Compliance
    • JM: International Legal Studies
  58. LLM
    • LLM: International Legal Studies
  59. MA Addictions Counseling
    • MA: Addictions Counseling
  60. MA Applied Psychology
    • MA: Applied Psychology: Developmental Psychology
    • MA: Applied Psychology: Industrial Organizational Psychology
  61. MA Clinical Mental Health Counseling
    • MA: Clinical Mental Health Counseling (CACREP)
  62. MA Communication
    • MA: Communication
    • MA: Promotion and Video Content
    • MA: Strategic Communication
  63. MA Composition
    • MA: Composition
  64. MA Divinity
    • MA: Biblical Exposition
    • MA: Biblical Studies
    • MA: Christian Apologetics (Non-Thesis)
    • MA: Christian Apologetics (Thesis)
    • MA: Sports Chaplaincy
    • MCM: Master of Arts in Christian Ministry
  65. MA Ethnomusicology
    • MA: Ethnomusicology
  66. MA Executive Leadership
    • MA: Executive Leadership
  67. MA General Studies
    • MA: Interdisciplinary Studies
  68. MA History
    • MA: History
  69. MA Human Services
    • MA: Human Services Counseling: Addictions and Recovery
    • MA: Human Services Counseling: Business
    • MA: Human Services Counseling: Criminal Justice
    • MA: Human Services Counseling: Crisis Response and Trauma
    • MA: Human Services Counseling: Dobson Center Family Advocacy, Public Policy, and the Future
    • MA: Human Services Counseling: Dobson Center Marriage and Family Studies
    • MA: Human Services Counseling: Dobson Center Parenting and Child/ Adolescent
    • MA: Human Services Counseling: Executive Leadership
    • MA: Human Services Counseling: Health and Wellness
    • MA: Human Services Counseling: Life Coaching
    • MA: Human Services Counseling: Marriage and Family
    • Master - Human Services: Christian Ministries
    • Master - Human Services: Military Resilience
  70. MA Marriage and Family Therapy
    • MA: Marriage and Family Therapy
  71. MA Medical Sciences
    • MA: Medical Sciences: Biopsychology
    • MA: Medical Sciences: Business Management
    • MA: Medical Sciences: Health Informatics
    • MA: Medical Sciences: Molecular Medicine
    • MA: Medical Sciences: Public Health
  72. MA Music & Worship
    • MA: Music and Worship: Worship Music Studies
  73. MA Music Education
    • MA: Music Education: Music Studies
  74. MA Pastoral Counseling
    • MA: Pastoral Counseling
    • MA: Pastoral Counseling: Addictions and Recovery
    • MA: Pastoral Counseling: Community Chaplaincy
    • MA: Pastoral Counseling: Crisis Response and Trauma
    • MA: Pastoral Counseling: Discipleship and Church Ministry
    • MA: Pastoral Counseling: Dobson Center Family Advocacy, Public Policy, and the Future
    • MA: Pastoral Counseling: Dobson Center Marriage and Family Studies
    • MA: Pastoral Counseling: Dobson Center Parent and Child/Adolescent
    • MA: Pastoral Counseling: Leadership
    • MA: Pastoral Counseling: Life Coaching
    • MA: Pastoral Counseling: Marriage and Family
    • MA: Pastoral Counseling: Military Resilience
    • MA: Pastoral Counseling: Theology
  75. MA Professional Writing
    • MA: Professional Writing
  76. MA Public Policy
    • MA: Public Policy
    • MA: Public Policy: Campaigns and Elections
    • MA: Public Policy: International Affairs
    • MA: Public Policy: Leadership
    • MA: Public Policy: Middle East Affairs
    • MA: Public Policy: Policy Studies
    • MA: Public Policy: Public Administration
  77. MA Teaching English
    • MA: Teaching English as Second Language
  78. MA Visual Communication Design
    • MA: Visual Communication Design
  79. MA Worship Studies
    • MA: Worship Studies: African-American Worship
    • MA: Worship Studies: Ethnomusicology
    • MA: Worship Studies: Leadership
    • MA: Worship Studies: Pastoral Counseling
    • MA: Worship Studies: Worship Techniques
  80. Master in National Security
    • MS: National Security
    • MS: National Security: Homeland Security
  81. Master of Accounting
    • MS: Accounting
    • MS: Accounting: Audit & Financial Reporting
    • MS: Accounting: Business
    • MS: Accounting: Financial Services
    • MS: Accounting: Forensic Accounting
    • MS: Accounting: Leadership
    • MS: Accounting: Taxation
  82. Master of Arts in Religion
    • MAR: Christian Apologetics
    • MAR: Community Chaplaincy
    • MAR: Discipleship and Church Ministry
    • MAR: Evangelism and Church Planting
    • MAR: Global Studies
    • MAR: Homiletics
    • MAR: Master of Arts in Religion: Next Generation Ministry
    • MAR: Pastoral Counseling
    • MAR: Pastoral Ministry
    • MAR: Worship
    • Master - Human Services: Military Resilience
    • Master - Theology: Biblical Studies
    • Master of Theology (No Thesis)
  83. Master of Arts in Teaching
    • MAT: Master of Arts in Teaching (36 Hours): Elementary Education
    • MAT: Master of Arts in Teaching (36 Hours): Middle Grades Education
    • MAT: Master of Arts in Teaching (36 Hours): Secondary Education
    • MAT: Master of Arts in Teaching (36 Hours): Special Education
    • MAT: Master of Arts in Teaching (45 Hours): Elementary Education
    • MAT: Master of Arts in Teaching (45 Hours): Middle Grades Education
    • MAT: Master of Arts in Teaching (45 Hours): Secondary Education
    • MAT: Master of Arts in Teaching (45 Hours): Special Education
  84. Master of Business Administration
    • MBA: Accounting
    • MBA: American Legal Studies
    • MBA: Criminal Justice
    • MBA: Economics
    • MBA: Finance
    • MBA: General (36-hour)
    • MBA: Healthcare Management
    • MBA: Human Resources
    • MBA: International Legal Studies
    • MBA: Leadership
    • MBA: Marketing
    • MBA: Non-Profit Leadership & Management
    • MBA: Project Management
    • MBA: Public Administration
    • MBA: Public Relations
    • MBA: Real Estate Development
    • MBA: Strategic Management
    • MBA: Strategic Media and Digital Content
    • MBA: Supply Chain Management & Logistics
    • Master of Arts in Public Policy - Public Administration
  85. Master of Criminal Justice
    • MS: Criminal Justice
    • MS: Criminal Justice: Cybercrime Investigation
    • MS: Criminal Justice: Forensic Psychology
    • MS: Criminal Justice: Homeland Security
    • MS: Criminal Justice: Law Enforcement Leadership
    • MS: Criminal Justice: Public Administration
  86. Master of Cyber Security
    • MS: Cyber-Security
  87. Master of Divinity
    • MDV: Biblical Languages-75 hrs.
    • MDV: Biblical Languages-90 hrs.
    • MDV: Biblical Studies
    • MDV: Chaplaincy
    • MDV: Christian Apologetics
    • MDV: Christian Leadership and Church Ministries
    • MDV: Christian Ministries
    • MDV: Church History
    • MDV: Community Chaplaincy (Non-Thesis)
    • MDV: Community Chaplaincy (Thesis)
    • MDV: Discipleship Ministries
    • MDV: General
    • MDV: Global Studies
    • MDV: Healthcare Chaplaincy (Non-Thesis)
    • MDV: Healthcare Chaplaincy (Thesis)
    • MDV: Homiletics
    • MDV: Leadership
    • MDV: Military Chaplaincy (Non-Thesis)
    • MDV: Military Chaplaincy (Thesis)
    • MDV: Pastoral Counseling
    • MDV: Theology
    • MDV: Youth and Family Ministries
  88. Master of Education
    • MED: Administration and Supervision: Teacher Licensure
    • MED: Curriculum and Instruction: Early Childhood Education
    • MED: Curriculum and Instruction: Educational Law (Non-Licensure)
    • MED: Curriculum and Instruction: Educational Technology (Non-Licensure)
    • MED: Curriculum and Instruction: Elementary Education (Non-Licensure)
    • MED: Curriculum and Instruction: English (Non-Licensure)
    • MED: Curriculum and Instruction: General Education (Non-Licensure)
    • MED: Curriculum and Instruction: Gifted Education
    • MED: Curriculum and Instruction: History (Non-Licensure)
    • MED: Curriculum and Instruction: Leadership (Non-Licensure)
    • MED: Curriculum and Instruction: Middle Grade (Non-Licensure)
    • MED: Curriculum and Instruction: Special Education (Non-Licensure)
    • MED: Curriculum and Instruction: Student Services (Non-Licensure)
    • MED: Curriculum and Instruction: Urban Education (Non-Licensure)
    • MED: Higher Education: Educational Leadership
    • MED: Higher Education: Instructional Design and Technology
    • MED: Math Specialist Endorsement
    • MED: Reading Specialist Endorsement
    • MED: School Counseling
  89. Master of Exercise Science
    • MS: Exercise Science and Wellness: Fitness and Performance
    • MS: Exercise Science and Wellness: Nutrition and Wellness
  90. Master of Finance
    • MS: Finance: Financial Management
    • MS: Finance: Financial Planning
    • MS: Finance: General
  91. Master of Fine Arts
    • MFA: Graphic Design
  92. Master of Global Studies
    • MGS: Master of Arts in Global Studies
  93. Master of Health Informatics
    • MS: Health Informatics
  94. Master of Healthcare Administration
    • MS: Healthcare Administration: Accounting
    • MS: Healthcare Administration: Finance
    • MS: Healthcare Administration: General
    • MS: Healthcare Administration: Human Resources
    • MS: Healthcare Administration: Leadership
    • MS: Healthcare Administration: Marketing
    • MS: Healthcare Administration: Non-Profit Management
    • MS: Healthcare Administration: Project Management
    • MS: Healthcare Administration: Public Administration
    • MS: Healthcare Administration: Public Relations
    • MS: Healthcare Administration: Strategic Management
    • MS: Healthcare Administration: Supply Chain Management & Logistics
  95. Master of Human Performance
    • MS: Human Performance: Clinical
    • MS: Human Performance: Fitness and Wellness
    • MS: Human Performance: Nutrition
    • MS: Human Performance: Strength Training and Conditioning
  96. Master of Information Systems
    • MS: Information Systems: Information Assurance
    • MS: Information Systems: Technology Management
  97. Master of Information Technology
    • MS: Information Technology: Network Design & Security
    • MS: Information Technology: Software Design & Management
  98. Master of International Relations
    • MS: International Relations
  99. Master of Marketing
    • MS Marketing: Social Media Management
    • MS: Marketing: Digital Marketing and Advertising
    • MS: Marketing: Project Management
    • MS: Marketing: Public Relations
    • MS: Marketing: Sports Marketing and Media
  100. Master of Political Science
    • MS: Political Science
  101. Master of Project Management
    • MS: Project Management
  102. Master of Public Administration
    • MPA: Business & Government
    • MPA: Disaster Management
    • MPA: Fire Administration
    • MPA: Healthcare
    • MPA: Law & Public Policy
    • MPA: Master of Public Administration
    • MPA: Public & Non-Profit Management
  103. Master of Public Health
    • MPH: Health Promotion
    • MPH: Nutrition
    • Master of Public Health Global Health
  104. Master of Religious Education
    • MRE: Master of Religious Education
  105. Master of Social Media Management
    • MS: Social Media Management
  106. Master of Sport Management
    • MS: Sport Management (Non-Thesis)
    • MS: Sport Management: Coaching and Athletic Administration (Non-Thesis)
    • MS: Sport Management: Coaching and Athletic Administration (Thesis)
    • MS: Sport Management: Outdoor Adventure Sport (Non-Thesis)
    • MS: Sport Management: Outdoor Adventure Sport (Thesis)
    • MS: Sport Management: Sport Administration (Non-Thesis)
    • MS: Sport Management: Sport Administration (Thesis)
    • MS: Sport Management: Tourism (Non-Thesis)
    • MS: Sport Management: Tourism (Thesis)
  107. Master of Theological Studies
    • MTS: Master of Arts in Theological Studies
  108. Master of Theology
    • THM: Biblical Studies (Non-Thesis)
    • THM: Christian Apologetics (Non-Thesis)
    • THM: Church History (Non-Thesis)
    • THM: Global Studies (Non-Thesis)
    • THM: Homiletics (Non-Thesis)
    • THM: Theology (Non-Thesis)
  109. PHD Bible Exposition
    • PHD: Bible Exposition
  110. PHD Communication
    • PHD: Communication
  111. PHD Counseling
    • PHD: Counselor Education and Supervision
  112. PHD Education
    • PHD: Education: Curriculum and Instruction
    • PHD: Education: Educational Law
    • PHD: Education: Instructional Design and Technology
    • PHD: Education: Organizational Leadership
    • PHD: Education: Special Education
  113. PHD Higher Education
    • PHD: Higher Education Administration: Education Leadership
  114. PHD History
    • PHD: History
  115. PHD Nursing
    • PHD: Nursing: Nursing Education
  116. PHD Psychology
    • PHD: Psychology: Developmental Psychology
    • PHD: Psychology: General Psychology
    • PHD: Psychology: Industrial/Organizational Psychology
    • PHD: Psychology: Social Psychology
  117. PHD Public Policy
    • PHD: Public Policy
    • PHD: Public Policy: Economic Policy
    • PHD: Public Policy: Education Policy
    • PHD: Public Policy: Foreign Policy
    • PHD: Public Policy: National Security
    • PHD: Public Policy: Social Policy
  118. PHD Strategic Media
    • PHD: Strategic Media
  119. PHD Theology and Apologetics
    • PHD: Theology and Apologetics
  120. School of Business
    • DBA: Accounting
  121. WSB
    • THG: Willmington School of the Bible: Biblical Studies