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  • Must be a high school graduate or have completed GED

Northern Arizona University

Should You Attend Northern Arizona University?

The main campus of Northern Arizona University (NAU) is located in Flagstaff, a small city in a mountainous area of northern Arizona. The school has over 30 extended campuses across the state, as well as extensive online degree and class offerings. You can enter a program to pursue a bachelor's, master's or doctoral degree. You also have the option of adding a certificate program to your education. Read the facts below to help you determine if NAU is a school you want to attend.


  • Acceptance rate is 12.2 percentage points higher than the national average
  • High number of academic programs
  • Average student debt after graduation is $4,039 less than the national average
  • Accepts dual and Advanced Placement (AP) credits
  • Low number of TAs teaching classes
  • Endowment grew by 45% between 2010 and 2011


  • Graduation rate is 9 percentage points less than the national average
  • Student-to-faculty ratio is 20:1, which is higher than the national average

About Northern Arizona University

NAU is not considered a highly selective school; the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) reported an acceptance rate of 76% for Fall 2012, which was 12.2 percentage points higher than the national average. Additionally, NCES reported that the university's 4-year graduation rate for students who began their studies in 2005 was only 31%, which was 9 percentage points below the national average. However, 52% of those students had graduated within 6 years.

According to U.S. News & World Report, 18% of NAU students graduated with a major in business in 2011, making it the most popular major. That same year, 16% of students graduated with a major in education, 9% in each health professions and liberal arts and sciences, and 8% in social studies.

Most of your classes will be taught by faculty members rather than graduate teaching assistants, and nearly 32% of classes have less than 20 students, according to U.S. News & World Report. To lower the number of classes you have to take while studying at NAU, you can apply AP or dual credits to your degree.

Data from NCES shows the cost of tuition, fees and room and board for undergraduate students living on campus was $18,056 for the 2012-2013 academic year, based on NCES figures. This figure was just $196 higher than the national average of $17,860. College Board reports that 2011 graduates of NAU had average financial debt of $22,621, which is lower than the national average.

If you're looking for a school that takes action in sustainability, NAU is known for being dedicated to its image of being a 'green' university. You can attend classes in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-certified W.A. Frank College of Business or play on the new Green Recreation Fields, which also are LEED certified.

Admissions & Financial Aid at Northern Arizona University

One of the first steps in applying for admission to NAU is to send in an application along with a $25 fee. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis, which means there is no hard deadline and your application will be considered as long as there are spots open in the school. However, you might want to take advantage of the priority deadline of July 13. NAU makes admission decisions based mainly on your high school GPA, college preparatory courses, and SAT or ACT scores, so make sure the school receives your high school transcript and test scores.

To help pay for tuition and housing, you can apply for financial aid using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). To have a greater chance of having access to more funding, you should apply by the priority deadline of February 14. NAU also participates in the Western Undergraduate Exchange Programs, which offers students from 14 western states reduced out-of-state tuition. All majors are eligible for this reduced tuition rate except athletic training, dental hygiene and nursing.

Application and Tuition Info
Regular Application Deadline (2013) Rolling****
Financial Aid Application Deadline (2013) Priority deadline February 14****
Notification of Acceptance (2013) 48 hours after application is received if applying to main campus as a freshman****
Application Fee (2012-2013) $25*
Acceptance Rate (2012-2013) 76%*
All Tuition & Living Expenses (2012-2013) $22,254*
Average Financial Aid Package (2012) $9,835 for first-year students***
Percent of Students with Need Met (2012) 7%***
Average Student Debt at Graduation (2012) $22,621***
Student Loan Default Rate (2009) 7.4%*

Student Life at Northern Arizona University

As a freshman, you're not required to live on campus. If you do decide to live on campus, like 32% of students in 2011 did, you have a choice of dorms and apartments. U.S. News & World Report notes that if on-campus housing is not available, the school will assist you in finding a place to live off-campus.

At NAU, you have a choice of around 200 registered clubs and organizations to find something to do when you're not in class or studying. You can support a cause you are passionate about through an organization devoted to advocacy, become a teammate in a club sport like lacrosse or soccer, or make new friends through joining a fraternity or sorority.

Student Life Info
Campus Setting Small city*
Student Population (Fall 2011) 20,746 undergraduate students*
4,613 graduate students*
Male-to-Female Student Ratio (Fall 2011) 42% to 58%*
% of Full-Time Students (Fall 2011) 82%*
% of In-State Students (Fall 2010) 66%*
Retention Rate (2010-2011) 73%*
Campus Housing Available Yes*
% of Students Living on Campus 32%**
Number of Libraries 1****
Extracurricular Activities 200 registered clubs and organizations**
Noteworthy School was commended by the Princeton Review for being a green and sustainable institution****

Sources: *NCES College Navigator, **U.S. News & World Report, ***College Board, ****Northern Arizona University.

School Contact Information

  • Address: Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation, Northern Arizona University, 1200 S. Beaver St., P.O. Box 4084, Flagstaff, AZ 86011-4084
  • Phone: (928) 523-5511

Northern Arizona University offers the following degree programs:

  1. Arts and Humanities
    • Bachelor's - Comparative Cultural Studies
    • Bachelor's - Interdisciplinary Studies (Humanities 90-30)
    • Bachelor's - Liberal Arts
    • Liberal Arts
    • Master - Administration: Land Use Planning
    • Master's - Administration (Custom Emphasis)
    • Master's - Administration (Health Sciences)
    • Master's - Administration (Leadership)
    • Master's - Administration (Professional Writing)
    • Master's - Administration (Project Management)
    • Master's - Administration (Public Management)
    • Master's - Administration (Small Business)
    • Master's - Adminstration (Construction Management)
    • Master's - English
    • Master's - English (Literature)
    • Master's - English (Professional Writing)
    • Master's - English (Rhetoric, Writing, and Digital Media Studies)
    • Master's - Professional Writing
  2. Business and Administration
    • Bachelor - Applied Science: Industrial Technology Management
    • Bachelor's - Applied Science (Administration)
    • Bachelor's - Applied Science (Emergency Management)
    • Bachelor's - Applied Science (Logistics and Supply Chain Management)
    • Bachelor's - Applied Science (Public Administration)
    • Bachelor's - Business Administration
    • Bachelor's - Hotel and Restaurant Management
    • Bachelor's - Interdisciplinary Studies (Administration)
    • Bachelor's - Interdisciplinary Studies (Emergency Management 90-30)
    • Bachelor's - Interdisciplinary Studies (Entrepreneurship)
    • Bachelor's - Interdisciplinary Studies (Public Administration 90-30)
    • Bachelor's - Interdisciplinary Studies (Service Industry Management)
    • Bachelor's - Parks and Recreation Management
    • Bachelor's - Public Administration
    • Bachelor's - Public Management
    • Bachelor's - Small Business Administration
    • Small Business Administration
  3. Computing and Technology
    • Bachelor's - Applied Science (Technology Management)
    • Bachelor's - Computer Information Technology
    • Bachelor's - Interdisciplinary Studies (Technology Management 90-30)
    • Bachelor's - Interdisciplinary Studies (Technology Management)
    • Computer Information Technology
  4. Education and Counseling
    • Bachelor's - Applied Science (Early Childhood (non-certified))
    • Bachelor's - Career and Technical Education 90-30
    • Master - Bilingual & Multicultural Education: Bilingual
    • Master - Bilingual & Multicultural Education: ESL
    • Master's - Assistive Technology (certificate)
    • Master's - Career and Technical Education
    • Master's - Early Childhood
    • Master's - Educational Leadership
    • Master's - Educational Leadership (Community College/Higher Education)
    • Master's - Educational Leadership (Educational Foundations)
    • Master's - Educational Leadership (Instructional Leadership K12 School Leadership)
    • Master's - Educational Technology
    • Master's - Elementary Education
    • Master's - Human Relations
    • Master's - Mathematics Education
    • Master's - Reading Specialist Endorsement (Arizona Department of Education)
    • Master's - Science Teaching
    • Master's - Teaching English as a Second Language (endorsement)
  5. Health Professions
    • Bachelor - Dental Hygiene (Degree Completion Program)
    • Bachelor - Interdisciplinary Studies: Speech-Language Sciences & Technology
    • Bachelor - Interdisciplinary: Speech-Language Sciences & Technology
    • Bachelor's - Applied Science (Health Sciences)
    • Bachelor's - Health Sciences (Allied Health)
    • Bachelor's - Health Sciences (Diagnostic Medical Imaging and Therapy)
    • Bachelor's - Health Sciences (Medical Assisting)
    • Bachelor's - Health Sciences (Paramedic Care)
    • Bachelor's - Health Sciences (Physical Therapist Assisting)
    • Bachelor's - Health Sciences (Public Health)
    • Bachelor's - Health Sciences (Respiratory Care)
    • Bachelor's - Health Sciences (Surgical Technology)
    • Bachelor's - Nursing (Option for Registered Nurses (RN to BSN))
    • Master's - Nursing (Family Nurse Practitioner)
    • Master's - Nursing (Generalist)
  6. Math and Science
    • Master's - Applied Geospatial Sciences
    • Master's - Geographic Information Systems
  7. Social Science/Criminal Justice
    • Bachelor's - Applied Science (Criminal Justice)
    • Bachelor's - Applied Science (Intelligence Studies)
    • Bachelor's - Applied Science (Law Enforcement Management)
    • Bachelor's - Certified Police Manager (Certificate)
    • Bachelor's - Criminology and Criminal Justice
    • Bachelor's - Intelligence Led Policing (Certificate)
    • Bachelor's - Interdisciplinary Studies (Criminal Justice)
    • Bachelor's - Interdisciplinary Studies (Intelligence Studies 90-30)
    • Bachelor's - Interdisciplinary Studies (Law Enforcement Management 90-30)
    • Bachelor's - Justice Studies
    • Bachelor's - Sociology
    • Master's - Applied Communication
    • Master's - Community Planning (certificate)
    • Master's - Positive Behavior Support (certificate)