Master - Child & Adolescent Developmental Psychology

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If you are looking for an online program that provides advanced study in child and adolescent developmental psychology, consider this graduate program offered by Northcentral University. Continue reading to learn more about the curriculum of this Master of Science in Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

As a student in NCU's Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology program, you'll have the opportunity to study the different developmental stages and theories for children and adolescents as well as explore how family, society, culture, and school can affect development. Additional courses cover topics in behavior and neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism spectrum disorders and ADHD. You can also take classes that cover gender development, developmental psychology ethics, research strategies, and applied statistics. The program concludes with either a capstone course, where you complete a research project, or a 100-hour internship experience.

What Are the Prerequisites?

If you are interested in human behavior and would like to learn more about addressing the needs of children and adolescents, then you may be a good candidate for Northcentral University's MS in Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology program. Applicants to Northcentral University's online graduate programs should already possess a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution; some programs may have additional requirements.

What Are the Course Requirements?

Northcentral University's Master of Science in Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology requires the completion of 30 credits.

Course NumberCourse Title
Required Courses
PSY 5701 Foundations of Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology
PSY 5702Pre-Natal and Early Childhood Development
PSY 5703Child and Adolescent Development
PSY 6704Child and Adolescent Gender Development
PSY 5107Research Design
PSY 6705Child and Adolescent Psychopathology
PSY 5706Ethics in Development Psychology
PSY 5110Applied Statistics
PSY 6708ADHD and Autistic Spectrum
PSY 6709
PSY 6710
Capstone in Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology

Internship in Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology

What Could I Do After I Graduate?

Career Opportunities

After completing NCU's Child and Adolescent Developmental Psychology master's degree program, you could seek non-clinical psychology positions in a variety of environments, including schools, mental health facilities, healthcare organizations, or non-profit organizations. You may qualify for careers where you can help or advocate for children and adolescents. Some of the positions you could consider include:

  • Youth advocate
  • Family case manager
  • Youth program director
  • Developmental behavioral specialist
  • Intervention advocate