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Doctor of Philosophy: Organizational Development and Leadership

If you're seeking an educational program that could prepare you to reach the highest levels of management within any type of organization, you might consider enrolling in the Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Development and Leadership at University of Arizona Global Campus. Find out more here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

Through coursework, seminars, and a research/dissertation process, you will have the opportunity to build a deep understanding of management theories, leadership strategies, and research methodologies as a student of the Doctor of Philosophy in Organizational Development and Leadership program at the University of Arizona Global Campus. The program will expose you to executive coaching tools, assessment methods, organizational development processes, organizational change strategies, performance management systems, and business ethics. In specialization courses, you will review instructional design models, organizational culture, staffing models, strategic planning methodologies, and relevant theories and issues in industrial/organizational psychology. Throughout the program, you will develop an argument, build research skills, and plan and write a dissertation through multiple drafts and revisions.

What Are the Prerequisites?

As a potential PhD student, you will be required to hold a master's degree from an accredited institution prior to enrollment. You might demonstrate strong abilities to plan, analyze, and lead, as in an advanced role you would need to apply strategic planning and analytical skills to design and implement organizational policies and change as well as manage staff and provide solutions to business issues. Applicants to the University of Arizona Global Campus should have a high school diploma or GED; some programs may have additional requirements.

What Are the Course Requirements?

The total of 62 credits required to earn this PhD reflects 33 credits in major coursework, which is broken down into major and research classes; there is also an 11-credit dissertation and an 18-credit standard specialization. Three non-credit in-residence workshops must also be completed to satisfy graduation requirements.

Major Courses

Course CodeCourse Title
ORG 7102 Advanced Seminar: Leadership & Management
RES 7105 Scholarly Argument I
ORG 8511 Advanced Topics in Performance Management
ORG 8510 Advanced Seminar: Leading Organizational Change
ORG 8518 Professional & Business Ethics in Organizational Leadership
RES 7410 Research Design & Methods: Qualitative
RES 7400 Research Design & Methods: Quantitative
RES 7402 Advanced Tests & Measurements
ORG 7101 Assessment Tools for Organizational Leadership
RES 7110 Scholarly Argument II

Research Course - Select one of the following courses

Course CodeCourse Title
RES 7415 Advanced Statistics
RES 7440 Advanced Study in Qualitative Research

Capstone and Dissertation Courses

Course CodeCourse Title
DOC 8770 Doctoral Capstone Seminar
RES 8910 Dissertation Planning I
RES 8912 Dissertation Planning II
RES 8990/8992 Dissertation

Standard Specialization Courses

Course CodeCourse Title
EDU 8240 Theories & Models of Instructional Systems Design
ORG 8512 Leadership & Organizational Cultures
ORG 8532 Advanced Seminar: The Leader as Coach
ORG 8615 Advanced Topics in Organizational Development & Leadership
ORG 8619 Current & Global Issues in Industrial & Organizational Psychology
ORG 8534 Advanced Seminar: Human Resources Business Strategy

What Could I Do After I Graduate?

Career Opportunities

Once you have earned the PhD in Organizational Development and Leadership from UAGC, you could possess the skills required to assume upper management positions in operations, HR, business planning, or managerial consulting. You might also pursue entrepreneurial opportunities. In management roles, you might oversee areas of training, career development, business strategy development, organizational policy design, or day-to-day decision-making in overall operations. A PhD could also allow you to teach organizational leadership or business courses at a college or university.

Job titles suitable for your skillset might include:

  • Entrepreneur
  • Corporate trainer
  • Executive coach
  • College professor
  • Organizational consultant
  • Senior human resources manager