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How Can I Find Colleges that Offer Flight Attendant Training?

Read about the types of schools and companies that offer training for aspiring flight attendants. Find out what you'd learn in a flight attendant training program and whether you could earn a degree. Check the availability of online courses in this field of study.

Flight attendant training is available through certificate programs. You could also enter into an associate's degree pathway and study more in-depth coursework via administrative or business management classes.

Can I Find Flight Attendant Training at Traditional Colleges?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) states that a high school diploma or its equivalent is all the formal education required for you to become a flight attendant. However, the BLS also reports that if you have some postsecondary training a field related to the occupation of flight attendant, you may have a better chance of being accepted into an airline's in-house training program. International airlines generally require flight attendants to speak at least one foreign language.

There are private, for-profit schools, academies and career centers that feature programs to prepare you to become a flight attendant. You can also find appropriate programs offered at community colleges and even some 4-year universities. These options can be found in a school's department of aeronautics, hospitality, tourism management, aviation or travel industry.

What Will My Training Consist Of?

Flight attendant programs vary widely according to school policy, but they commonly lead to a certificate in 8-30 weeks. An 8-week program gives you a minimal introduction to the field. In contrast, a 30-week program can include instruction in airline operations, crew resource management, first aid, customer service, security, handling special materials and emergency management. In longer programs, you may have the opportunity to serve an internship.

Some schools offer an associate's degree in areas such as hospitality and tourism management or aviation with a concentration in flight attendant training. In addition to the schooling you'd receive in a thorough certificate program, you'd also be required to complete a specified number of general-education courses.

Your training as a flight attendant isn't complete when you earn your certificate or degree. You then apply for a job with an airline. Once hired, you have to undergo a period of formal training that's conducted by the airline itself. This instruction period can last from 3-6 weeks, depending on a number of factors specific to the airline, size or type of aircraft. Once you complete this training, you may receive the Federal Aviation Administration Certificate of Demonstrated Proficiency. This qualifies you to function as a flight attendant.

Which Schools Offer Certificates for Flight Attendants?

Certificates for flight attendants are widely available at community colleges. Consider the following programs as you get started in your search.

  • The Community College of Baltimore County has a Flight Attendant Certificate program
  • Sinclair Community College offers a Airline Flight Attendant certificate program
  • Orange Coast College offers Certificate's of Achievement in Airline Travel Careers - Ground and/or Flight and Corporate Contract Flight Attendant

Which Schools Offer Associate's Degrees for Flight Attendants?

Consider the following programs in your search for associate's degrees for flight attendant training. Online options are available as well as various aeronautical pathways.

  • Liberty University offers an online Associate of Arts (A.A.) degree program in Aeronautics: Airline Flight Attendant
  • The Community College of Baltimore County has Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) degree programs in areas like Aircraft Dispatcher and Flight Operations Management
  • San Diego Miramar College offers an Associate's Degree in Aviation Business Administration and Professional Aeronautics

Can I Participate in an Online School?

You may find online options through some private, for-profit schools, but these are typically not available through traditional, postsecondary institutions. Just because a school may claim that it hires out graduates to a number of credible airlines doesn't mean that that the school or program is approved by any accrediting organization - so be sure you look into the details before enrolling.

Since programs are usually self-paced, they can be completed at your convenience. They contain no hands-on training, which is built into most on-campus programs. Often, they state that you can fulfill the experiential portion of your training through the ground school of an airline once you're hired. Often, the main selling point of online flight attendant schools is to prepare you to pass an initial employment interview with an airline. It can be part of school policy to keep you apprised of flight attendant job openings.

You can study to become a flight attendant through certificate and associate's degree programs. There are online options for those who'd like to earn their credentials through distance learning.