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Online Building Inspector Courses

Online courses for building inspectors are available through certificate, continuing education, and certification classes. Read on to discover available courses, where to find them, and how online learning works.

What Topics Are Covered in Online Building Inspector Courses?

In these courses, you can learn how to inspect a residential, commercial or industrial building to ensure the construction complies with zoning regulations and municipal codes. You may learn how to examine a building's foundation and various systems. Topics of study could include:

Introduction to the International Residential Code (IRC)

In this course you may learn about the International Residential Code, which guides all aspects of construction to improve safety. You can also explore how building codes evolve in response to new technology, changing markets, and regional interpretations and enforcements.

Construction Materials and Design

In these courses, you can examine the basics of construction, including materials used, types of plans, and equipment used. You may discuss codes specific to different structures that require different inspection methods. The ability to recognize structural weaknesses may also be addressed.

Electrical Inspections

This specialized course can explore how to inspect a structure for faulty wiring and potential electrical dangers, as well as how to recommend for repair. You can also learn the basics of electrical systems according to national standards.

Interior Inspections

This course takes a look at inspecting indoor areas of a structure, such as kitchens and bathrooms in homes. Other topics may include inspections of insulation, ventilation, and appliances.

Building Inspector Skills

In this overview course, you can find out what building inspectors do and their role in the real estate industry. You may also be introduced to the process and standards of an inspection, along with how to prepare inspection reports. Other topics of study might include customer service, communication skills, and ethics.

At What Level Are Courses Available?

Building inspection courses are often part of a building inspection technology certificate program, which can take 2 semesters to complete. Courses are generally offered at community colleges or trade schools.

Home inspection courses can also prepare you for state licensure or certification exams. These courses are typically offered through regional and national accreditation agencies.

How Do Online Courses Work?

Online home inspection courses are self-paced, and you'll usually access online lessons and assignments at your convenience. Lessons have lectures offered in text, audio or video format that may be reviewed as often as necessary. For some courses, you'll receive a DVD or CD in the mail with video presentations or step-by-step demonstrations of inspection techniques.