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Bachelor - Information Technology: Network Management

Would you like an opportunity to learn to manage intranet and extranet systems? With the requisite education, you could amass the skills to do so. At Herzing University, you might study for the Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Network Management. Read on for program details.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

Herzing University's Bachelor of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in Network Management program is designed to teach you to install and repair intricate computer network systems. The program aims to provide you with the skills you will require to combat network issues, such as computer viruses, corrupt files, bandwidth losses, cyber crimes, and bad connections. Your information technology studies are also designed to address the design and implementation of LANs (local area networks) and WANs (wide area networks) as well as network security systems. Through your coursework, you will also have opportunities to learn troubleshooting techniques and programming skills. This program is available on campus and online.

What Are the Prerequisites?

You could benefit from this program if you enjoy working with computers as well as technical subject matter. Organizational and critical-thinking skills could prove helpful. Though requirements may vary, you should have earned a high school diploma or equivalent.

What Are the Course Requirements?

You will be required to complete 122 semester credit hours in order to graduate from this program. You'll take 37 credits in general education courses, 41 credits in core courses, 39 credits in the concentration area electives and required courses, three credits in a capstone experience, and two credits of personal development courses. Required and elective courses are listed below.

Required Core Courses in Information Technology

Course Code Course Title
IS 103 Programming Logic
IS 112 Computer Networks
IS 121 Introduction to the Internet
IS 182 Database Concepts and Applications I
IS 185 Computer Architecture and Troubleshooting I
IS 191 Linux Administration
IS 282 Network Security
IS 284

NT 215
Routers and Switches I
Routers and Switches
IT 202 Fundamentals of Human Computer Interaction
IT 345 Information Technology Project Management
NT 180 Network and Server Operating Systems

Required Courses in Technical Specialty Domain - Network Management

Course Code Course Title
IS 286

NT 230
Routers and Switches II
Building Scalable Internetworks
IS 421 Firewall Security
NT 200 Network Infrastructure Administration
NT 210 Directory Services Administration
NT 325 System Administration Scripting
NT 341 Mail Servers

Elective Courses in Technical Specialty Domain - Network Management

A minimum of 12 semester credit hours is required.

Course Code Course Title
IS 170 Visual Basic I
IS 186 Computer Architecture and Troubleshooting II
IS 214 SQL Server Administration
IS 216 Database Concepts and Applications II
IS 239 TCP / IP
IS 289 Applied Routers and Switches
IS 292 Linux Application Server
IS 332 Data Warehousing
IS 345 Business Systems Analysis
IS 420 Advanced Specialization
IT 330 Routing and Switching Security
IT 365 Network Infrastructure Hardening
NT 305 Virtualization
NT 315 Designing Network Security
NT 320 Wireless Networking Fundamentals
NT 343 Computer and Network Forensics
NT 353 Network Defense
NT 360 Supporting Enterprise Applications
NT 370 Web Server Installation and Administration
NT 382 Multilayer Switching
NT 400 Internetwork Troubleshooting
NT 401 Voice-Over IP

Elective Courses in Application Specialty Domain

A minimum of 3 semester credit hours is required in any of the following broad areas:

  • Accounting, business management, and human resources
  • Criminal justice and homeland security
  • Game development and graphic arts
  • Health information management and healthcare management

Required Capstone or Internship

Course Code Course Title
IS 495 Internship
IT 491 Information Technology Capstone Project

Required Courses in General Education

Students who enroll in this undergraduate program must complete a minimum of 37 semester credit hours in general education courses such as social science, computer applications, and English composition.

Personal and Professional Development Courses

Course Code Course Title
PD 121 Professional Development I
PD 202 Professional Development II
PD 214 AS / AAS / BS Diploma Internship Preparation

What Could I Do After I Graduate?

Career Opportunities

Once you complete this Herzing University degree program, you could pursue for a wide variety of entry-level positions. You could seek opportunities with technical consulting firms, businesses, telecommunications companies, technology-based corporations, educational institutions, or government agencies. For instance, you might pursue career opportunities such as:

  • Network Operator
  • System Specialist
  • Network Administrator
  • Security System Manager
  • Network System Engineer
  • Technical Support Specialist
  • Network Infrastructure Architect
  • Database Specialist

Advanced Degrees

If your goals include pursuing administrative-level information technology positions, at some point you might consider going on to earn a graduate degree. A related master's degree program could include courses in analytics, information security, enterprise architecture, data mining, and data warehousing. To begin that process, you could research advanced education programs such as:

  • Master of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in:
    • Network Management
  • Master of Science in Information Technology with a concentration in:
    • Project Management
  • Master of Science in Technology Management