Interior Design Associate's Degree

Read about the courses you'd take in an interior design associate's degree program, and find out what skills you'd learn. Explore the job outlook and salary potential for interior designers, and learn more about what these professionals do on the job.

Interior Design Associate's Degree

In this Associate's Degree Program, you will learn how to use various colors, designs, and accessories such as furniture to put together an attractive room or office. This program may be for you if you have ever walked into an office or a store and been attracted to or turned off of the product or job simply because of the appearance of the room. As products are marketed with pretty packages, so can services be marketed with nice buildings or rooms, and you will be the one preparing the 'packaging' with a degree in interior design.

Topics Covered Interior design programs cover topics like using colors and accessories to put together well-designed rooms or offices
Salary* Interior design assistants can expect to earn around $40,720 annually, while visual merchandisers earn around $47,175 annually
Job Outlook** Jobs in art and design, including interior design assistants and visual merchandisers, are expected to decline around 4 percent from 2019 to 2029
Courses Course topics include 3D design, history of interior design and design fundamentals
Job Skills Interior designers learn to design living spaces and floor plans and how to make those spaces attractive and welcoming for clients

Sources: * and **U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Career Opportunities

Typical Careers for Holders of Associate's Degrees in Interior Design

An associate degree is not typically enough to begin a career as a professional interior designer, though it may prepare you for work as an assistant or other related positions in the industry. Careers as assistants in interior design earn around $39,865 annually according to, while visual merchandisers, a related career, can be expected to earn around $44,184 annually.

Career Outlook

According to the U. S. Bureau for Labor Statistics,, jobs classified as art and design workers, including these entry-level interior design jobs, are expected to decline about 4 percent from 2019 to 2029.

Degree Specifics

Typical Coursework for an Associate's Degree in Interior Design

Typical classes for an Associate's Degree program in Interior Design may include 3-D Design, Design Process, Residential Design, Contract Design, History of Interior Design and Architecture, Universal Design, and Fundamentals of Design.

Interior Design Skills You Will Learn

Upon completion of an Associate's Degree in Interior Design, you should be able to take a drab space and make it trendy and attractive, even if your client doesn't give you full reign over his or her space. You will learn how to design buildings and floor plans and fill those spaces with the right furniture to make them comfortable, inviting, and stylish.