10 Reasons Why Online College Courses Save You Money

Saving money throughout your college experience can be a huge issue. Taking classes online might be a worthwhile consideration. Here are some ways that online college courses can save you money.


How Can Online Courses Save You Money

Considering whether an online college course is right for you? Look no further. There's not just one way taking a course online can save you money. In fact, there are ten! You might be surprised at some of the unexpected ways you'll be saving.

No Commute

Driving to and from classes can be a real pain. With Internet classes, the longest commute you have to make is from your bed to your computer. You don't have to pay for gas, parking or any added fees to keep your car in good shape. Plus, you don't have to worry about other students mooching rides from you.

No Printer Costs

Printing out essay after essay results in you needing to go out to buy more paper and ink cartridges. Not so if you take a class online. Even if your online course requires you to write essays, you can turn them in through Internet submission or by e-mail. You'll never run out of paper and you'll never run out of ink.

No Lab Fees

For science-related classes, you often have to pay for lab supplies in order to perform experiments. With online classes, you may only have to watch others perform experiments or read about the experimental methods and results. You may not have as good a view of how things work, but all you have to pay is your Internet bill. However, it's important to keep in mind that some online programs still require in-person attendance for labs.

No 'Wakeup Fees'

Sometimes trying to get up takes a little help. Coffee, energy drinks and tea can become a regular routine that you need in order to function. The cost of those early morning helpers can really add up. With online courses, you may not need to attend class at a specific time, so you can put away the coffee and get a few extra hours of shut-eye.

No Blue Books

To take tests, some schools still require you to write in blue books. You can usually pick them up at your school bookstore for a small cost, but if you take your tests on the computer you don't have to pay a thing. Tests tend to be multiple choice, and if they do require writing you can always submit your essays and answers online.

No Lost Wages

Taking classes in person means being some place at a set time. That also means that you have to restrict your work hours and schedule your job around schooling. In contrast, online courses often allow you to schedule schooling around your work instead. You can work longer, get more money and work more comfortable hours.

Potentially Lower Tuition Costs

Most online classes have the same tuition (or higher tuition) than traditional classes, but in some cases, online learning can be cheaper than on-campus learning. That's because some schools that specialize in online learning don't incur the same overhead as traditional brick-and-mortar colleges. You can even find the occasional free online class on some websites, though you won't interact with peers or professors, and you won't usually won't receive a grade or credit, either.

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