What Are Some Popular Biomedical Careers?

The biomedical field includes any application of technology to medical or biological research. Though some entry-level biomedical positions are open to people with 2-year associate's degrees or 4-year bachelor's degrees, most advanced or supervisory positions require a master's degree or a doctorate. This article describes some popular biomedical career options. Schools offering Biology degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

Biomedical Careers

Biomedicine is an interdisciplinary field that applies technical advances and scientific concepts to the medical field. It has several sub-disciplines, including biotechnology, which deals with repairing and installing biomedical equipment, and biomedical engineering, which deals with designing biomedical equipment. Career options in each of these sub-disciplines are varied and plentiful. While the availability of specific jobs varies by region, any area where hospitals or colleges are located should offer some employment opportunities in the biomedical field. Some popular jobs in the field include:

  • Biomedical technician
  • Medical imaging professional
  • Biomaterials engineer
  • Biomedical researcher
  • Prosthetics engineer

Important Facts About Biomedical Careers

Median Salary (2014) $45,660 for biomedical technicians; $57, 370 for medical imaging professionals; $86,950 for biomaterials engineers; $89,940 for biomedical researchers; $64,040 for prosthetics engineers
Job Outlook (2014-2024) 6% growth for biomedical technicians; 9% growth for medical imaging professionals; 23% growth for biomaterials engineers; 8% growth for biomedical researchers; 23% growth for prosthetics
On-the-Job Training Short-term for biomedical technicians; prosthetics engineers a 1-year residency; not formally provided for medical imaging professionals, biomaterials engineers, or biomedical researchers
Work Environment All occupations predominately work full-time, but some additional hours may be needed

Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Biomedical Technician

Biomedical technicians operate and repair equipment used for medical research, diagnosis, treatment and disease management. They can find work in hospitals, doctor's offices, research facilities or any other facility that requires medical devices. An associate's degree is the minimum education requirement for this career.

Medical Imaging Professional

Medical imaging professionals operate biomedical equipment like x-ray machines and magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, machines to create internal images of patients' bodies. Once the images are generated, doctors examine them for any abnormalities and diagnose any diseases they detect in the pictures. These imaging professionals often need a certificate, associate's degree or bachelor's degree in the field, depending on their specialty.

Biomaterials Engineer

Biomaterials engineering is a popular biomedical career option. Biomaterials engineers design devices that are used to support, improve or replace natural human functions. Some common biomaterials are replacement hips, synthetic organs, dental braces and artificial heart valves. Most engineers need at least a bachelor's degree to find entry-level work.

Biomedical Researcher

Pharmaceutical companies employ biomedical researchers to study the effects of various chemicals and substances on the human body in order to develop new medications. Many private research firms also employ biomedical researchers to investigate new technologies or disease treatment methods. Most biomedical research is theoretical or is conducted on animals, but some late-stage research may be conducted on willing human subjects. Researchers often need graduate-level education.

Prosthetics Engineers

Many biomedical engineers specialize in developing prosthetics that replace amputated or damaged limbs. Prosthetics engineers create replacement limbs that are as functional and lifelike as possible. They must also conduct extensive testing with the patients to make sure the prosthetics function correctly.

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