Associate - Insurance Billing & Coding Specialist

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Are you interested in developing administrative skills and knowledge of healthcare office procedures that could help you seek non-clinical positions in various medical settings? If so, then Herzing University's Associate of Science in Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist could be the program for you. Read on to find out more about this associate degree program.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Program Is It?

Herzing University's Associate of Science in Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist program is designed to deliver a fundamental education in medical diagnosis and procedure coding, billing, and claims processing. Required course topics designed to be addressed include medical terminology, treatment codes for various healthcare services, specialty coding, human disease symptoms and diagnoses, medical insurance claim forms, and healthcare delivery systems. You will also have the opportunity to review for certification exams. In addition, you'll have the chance to choose between an extensive research project or participation in an internship within an actual healthcare environment wherein you will perform coding and billing duties. This program can be taken online or on campus.

What Are the Prerequisites?

You may have experience working for a business office, doctor's office, hospital, or health insurance company. Though requirements may vary, you should have earned a high school diploma or equivalent.

What Are the Course Requirements?

You must complete a total of 61 credits to earn the Associate of Science in Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist from Herzing University. The curriculum consists of 27 credits in required courses, 28 credits in general education courses, four credits in a research project or internship, and two credits in personal and professional development.

Required Courses

Course CodeCourse Title
HC 115 Medical Terminology for Healthcare Professionals
MC 171 Basic Diagnosis Coding
MC 172 Basic Procedure Coding
MC 173 Intermediate Diagnosis Coding
MC 174 Intermediate Procedure Coding
MC 208 Program Review
MO 110 Keyboarding
MO 150 Pathophysiology and Pharmacology
MO 150L Pathophysiology and Pharmacology Lab
MO 205 Insurance Claims, Processing, and Adjudication
MO 211 Healthcare Systems and Operations
MO 216 Ethics and Health Information Management

Required Internship or Research Project

Course CodeCourse Title
MC 291

MC 294
Insurance Billing and Coding Case Study Research Project
Insurance Billing and Coding Internship

General Education Courses

Course CodeCourse Title
Eight semester credit hours in Anatomy and Physiology with Lab
One semester credit hour in Information Literacy
Three semester credit hours in English Composition
Three semester credit hours in Speech
Three semester credit hours in Computer Applications
Four semester credit hours in Mathematics (College Algebra or above)
Three semester credit hours in Social or Behavioral Science
Three semester credit hours in Natural Science or Humanities with a Critical Thinking Focus

Personal and Professional Development Courses

Course CodeCourse Title
PD 121 Professional Development I
PD 202 Professional Development II
PD 212 Medical Billing and Coding Internship Preparation

What Could I Do After I Graduate?

Career Opportunities

Earning the Associate of Science in Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist from Herzing University could help you prepare to explore entry-level opportunities in the healthcare industry. Some positions might require additional certification. You could seek employment in medical billing companies, insurance companies, physicians' offices, managed care companies, medical centers, or hospitals. Positions you could pursue include:

  • Coding Specialist
  • Medical Claims Processor
  • Healthcare Billing Specialist

Advanced Degrees

Once you have completed the Associate of Science in Insurance Billing and Coding Specialist program, you could choose to continue your education before seeking opportunities in the workforce. A four-year degree might be necessary for career advancement purposes in this field. Examples of degrees you could seek include:

  • Bachelor of Science in Health Services Management
  • Bachelor of Science in Health Services Administration
  • Bachelor of Science in Healthcare Management