Where Can I Find Free Online Stenography Courses?

Free online courses in stenography are available from these listed websites. Students can teach themselves how to type faster, or they could learn about the different duties of a stenographer. Schools offering Legal Transcriptionist degrees can also be found in these popular choices.

What You Need to Know

It's possible to learn about stenography for free with the following online resources. Include are websites designed to help you learn about the different uses of stenography and how to acclimate yourself to becoming a better typist.

Stenospeed.com by Linda Fisher

Stenospeed.com is a website designed to aid the study of stenography online for free. This website has text and sound files available for download which you can use to enhance your typing speed.

What Topics Are Included?

The sound files are categorized by words per minute (wpm) speed and range from 40-220+ wpm. Dictation types include medical reports, letters, memorandums, testimonies and speeches.

What Materials Will I Need?

To play the sound files you will need RealPlayer, which you can download for free. Some of the sound files are also available in text format and can be viewed in your browser without any additional programs. You will also need a word processing program or stenotype machine to practice your typing skills.

How Will These Materials Help Me?

You can practice stenography speed-building skills by using faster dictation speeds. The website also recommends using the free audio files to gain experience with different accents, terminologies and patterns of speech that you may encounter while working as a stenographer. You may also improve your business, legal or medical vocabulary while transcribing conversations relating to these topics.


This resource features a variety of articles and a court reporting help blog. Stenography videos, audio files and software programs are also available for download.

What Topics Are Included?

The free materials available include tips and advice from stenography instructors and a newsletter on advanced steno techniques. Programs or files available for download include videos on hand position and body posture, stenography audio drills on courtroom terminology and the Speed Teacher program.

What Materials Will I Need?

The stenography audio drills are offered in mp3 format at speeds ranging from 20-240 wpm. You'll need a media player on your computer along with speakers or headphones. You'll also need a stenotype machine to practice your shorthand and typing skills.

How Will These Materials Help Me?

The audio drills and videos allow you to practice your stenography skills at speeds that either match or challenge your current skill level. Practice tips and essays will help you gain some perspective and awareness of this industry, as well.

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