What Does a Sports Medicine Doctor Do? - Video

A Sports Medicine Doctor, sports doctor or sports medicine physician, specializes in treating and diagnosing injuries commonly associated with athletics. These medical doctors work primarily with athletes in an athletic setting, but may also work in clinics, hospitals and other medical facilities.

Job Description

A Sports Medicine Doctor specializes in prevention, diagnostics and treatment of injuries commonly associated with athletics. It is typical for these medical doctors to work primarily with athletes, but they can also be found working in areas of pediatrics, geriatrics, internal medicine or family practice. Doctors who specialize in sports medicine usually take an additional 1 - 2 years of training in sports medicine or rehabilitation and physical medicine. It is common for these physicians to work specifically with joints and muscle movement. However, they can also specialize in lung and cardiac care.

Daily Duties

When working with professional athletes or teams, a Sports Medicine Doctor's daily routine may include everything from maintaining the health of coaches and players to helping rehabilitate injured players. Sports Medicine Doctors will attend practices and games when assigned to specific teams. They act as the doctor on duty for any type of injury or other health-related problem that may occur during practice or games. Daily duties may also include routine weight checks, evaluation of joints, muscles and bones, and updating of an athlete's medical record.

When working in medical office settings, daily duties may be more routine. Sports Medicine Doctors will see patients throughout the day on a schedule. Tasks may include anything from routine medical exams and evaluations to rehabilitation, bone setting or injury maintenance.

Work Setting

Sports Medicine Doctors can work for colleges and universities, professional sports teams, private practices or hospitals and clinics. These physicians may also work on staff for a non-profit or government organization. A Sports Medicine Doctor will work in conjunction with other professionals, such as physical therapists, nutritionists, sports psychologists and nurses. They can be found working on-site such as a playing field or locker room, or in a more standard office setting such as a rehabilitation clinic.

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